The Grid County Board of Commissioners have marked off an 81 square unit of land on which they would like to develop three Small Towns. You have been selected as the best town planner for the job. 

Let's get to work!

Small Towns is a Flip and Draw game where you create Three Small Towns as you go. The Commission will judge your work at then end.

Things that could change the balance of the game (please comment below):

  • Consider changing the number of turns per round 
  • Consider changing the max size of the towns
  • Consider changing the scoring rules on certain tiles if needed.

UPDATE (Feb 19, 2022)

  • Updated style applied throughout the game. Also, changed the park tile again. 
  • Town rules now apply. You will lose points if you do not have the required elements.
  • Added and end-game notification, so you know when scoring is complete
  • Allow replay at the end of the game without having to reload it. 
  • Game now switches between various tracks throughout the game, giving you a different track with each round. I hope you enjoy these tunes I created.
  • Visual Cues added for errors and town verifications
  • Options enabled to control Audio if you like
  • Swapped out the Parks icon for something that looks less like the forests. Only one park at this time, the Ferris Wheel icon also confused people.
  • Figured out a way to cheat town borders. I'm not telling you how, but if you figure it out, leave a comment.
  • Patched a bug that would allow the player to redraw until the deck ran out (Thanks player-testers)
  • Added a finale ending to the Music, as well as a small animation to let you know the scoring round is starting.

Known Issues:

  • Switching scenes set the audio volume back to full. I'll address this in the next update. Reduce Game Volume as a workaround until then.  Resolved. Audio level stays set between modes. 


The game is played in three rounds with 20, 15, and 10 turns each. Each turn you will get 3 cards from the deck. You will pick one and place it on the grid. That card is discarded and the other two returned to the deck. 

At the end of each round, you will then determine the area of your small town. 

At the end of the third round, scoring will commence.


  • Streets like to connect. 1 Point for each tile a street continues
    Ponds are scored like streets
  • Houses like things to be around them. 1 point for each different tile type that is not a street
  • Shops get one point for each house that is adjacent or accessible via a street (Scoring not yet implemented)
  • Forests like to be adjacent to towns, but not in them. 1 point for each adjacent town tile.
  • Farms like to be far away from towns. 2 points for each tile distance from the nearest town. 1 bonus point for each pond tile adjacent to a farm (bonus not implemented yet)
  • Parks must be inside a town. However, they cannot share the same column or row as another park. Also, they cannot be beside each other. (Scoring is mostly working on this, but points are not being awarded.)
  • Errors: points deducted for each tile that that is in a town that shouldn't be and vice versa (not implemented at this time) 

Not sure how to play still? Here's a full playthrough


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Development log


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Interesting idea and overall art style is appealing. Direct help/info, which fields fit well together would be helpful (some sort of colored indication maybe?). Game-play feels a bit slow, maybe reducing the map size could help. Add some subtle "juicy" effects like sounds, music, (particle) effects to spice things up. :)

Thanks for your input. Definitely going to add some juices to the tiles upon placement. Map size is set as part of the mechanic. Maybe fewer cards per round to speed it up?

I would humbly request you come back and take a look at the progress I've made. I've put a ton of work into this since your first impression.

Feels better now, definitely. Especially having some sort of particles and sound effects adds a nice touch. Music is a bit loud though (thanks for adding a volume slider).

Ultimately seems like I forgot/misunderstood some rules. When placing/accepting tiles, the impact on score is not obvious. :S

In total a big step forward, well done!